General Corporate Governance Attorney

General corporate governance is an important, but often overlooked, component of running a successful business. If you are in need of general corporate governance services, or if you're wondering how they can benefit your business, the Law Office of Drew Petersen is here for you. I provide knowledgeable counsel and advocacy to businesses in Orange County and throughout Southern California.

Corporate Governance And Risk Prevention

Corporate governance involves many formal aspects of running a business, including:

  • Conducting annual meetings
  • Compiling meeting minutes
  • Establishing corporate resolutions

These measures are especially important in the event your company becomes the target of scrutiny in a lawsuit or administrative action. If a government entity or a plaintiff starts looking into your records and finds you haven't been keeping up with the necessary formalities, you could be exposed to significant personal liability.

For instance, if you run a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation and do not adhere to your corporate formalities, you could expose yourself to the personal liability the LLC and corporation is designed to protect you from.

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